Venue and Location

Venue and Location


       One can travel to Rennes by flight, connecting with Air France or HOP! from Paris Charles de Gaulle airport to Rennes airport,

or by train from Paris Montparnasse train station (1h30) or from Paris airport (2h30).

       Please note that during the conference there will be a big music festival in Rennes, so it is better to think of the travel titles ahead of time.

       Those coming with a car will most probably come from the East either by A29-A13-A84 national roads via Rouen/Caen or by A10-A11-A81 via Paris/Le Mans/Laval.

      The conference place is on the Campus Beaulieu on the east side of the city, between Rennes and Cesson-Sevigné. Rennes is a dynamic modern city, the smallest in Europe enjoying its own subway. Urban transportation is well developed and one can easily get around with its Metro and Bus service using the same ticket.

   - The conference place on University Campus Beaulieu is equidistant from the Bus stations Tournebride or Beaulieu Chimie.

   - From Rennes airport take the Bus #57 to République (ca. 15 min), where you change the Bus to Tournebride (lines C4, C6, #32 or #40ex) or Beaulieu Chimie (lines C4 or #32 and #40ex).

   - From the SNCF train station, take the Bus C2, #1 or #11 to République, where you make the same connection to Tournebride (lines C4, C6, #32 or #40ex) or Beaulieu Chimie. Or else at the train station take the Bus #41ex (less frequent, check the timetable) to Tournebride or Beaulieu Chimie.


Rennes public transportation network STAR

More detailed plan of Bus and Metro of Rennes and its near suburbs




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